5 Ways to Keep Moving During the Winter Months

December 27, 2019 Sofia McKinney No Comments

We all know about hibernation. That thing bears do during winter. Eat, eat, eat and then sleep! Unfortunately, we are not bears and as much as we would love to hide away in our home cubby holes, that is not a realistic plan. 

If you are anything like me, then you build grand plans of maintaining movement during the winter months. By grand plans I mean, super basic plans to maintain fitness. However, it’s cold and dreary and I have blankets and tea at home! So this winter I decided to hold myself to 5 strategies to ensure I got my butt off the couch and get moving!

  1. Get a workout buddy

Now, I will be the first person to admit that I LOVE to workout alone. It’s the ultimate ME time. I get to work through all my thoughts and feelings. Who doesn’t love an internal conversation with themselves?! 

BUT when I have a workout partner I have accountability to them and to myself. I am 100% more likely to show up when I have made plans to be somewhere and do something with someone. 

  1. Sign up for classes

This goes hand in hand with the accountability of having a workout partner. At the beginning of each week, I sign up for 1-2 classes. I can put it in my calendar for the week and I am making myself accountable to show up at a certain place at a certain time. 

Imagine you get home from work in the afternoon/evening. It’s raining (or snowing!) and it’s already dark. You’ve made it to the gym but your mind is not in it. Your mind is in a snuggie. You’re standing in the gym and have no idea what you will do there. This is me half of the time when I get to the gym after work. And this is when my class schedule kicks in! I don’t have to think or plan my workout. I set myself up for success and someone else leads me through an amazing workout!

  1. Pack your workout clothes 

This simple task has saved my body this winter. I can tell myself a thousand times over that I will get home, change, and go to the gym. Spoiler alert: that happens half of the time I plan it. Once I get home and sit on the couch, it is game over. 

When I know I will have a long day at work, I pack my workout clothes in a bag the night before. That way, I have what I need to get my workout started right after work. I know myself and I can avoid the temptation and get my workout in before heading home. It’s a win-win!

  1. Set a schedule

After a long day of work, I need to have some down time. I usually like to have at least an hour where I decompress. While I could totally spend that time on the couch with a mindless (super entertaining!) TV show, why not spend that hour moving my body? 

Listening to my body and mental needs for that one hour after work, I already have that built into my schedule. The next step, was to use that time block to also get my movement in. That means, I spend one hour on a walk, going for a run, spending it at the gym, stretching at home. Basically anything that gets me doing something positive and constructive for my body. I schedule it in, usually at the same time each day, and it becomes a rhythm, something that my body starts to crave and enjoy.

I schedule it in, usually at the same time each day, and it becomes a rhythm, something that my body starts to crave and enjoy.

  1. Be discipline

How many times have you searched, “How to get motivated to workout?”? Honestly, I have been doing this for years. Probably at least once a week. In the time that I have spent searching for that answer and strategies, I could have worked out a million times over. 

Feeling motivated is a sensational feeling. I love it. I feel like I can conquer the world. But let’s be real, I am not always motivated. And neither are you. Instead of searching for motivation when I don’t have it, I decided to be disciplined. I don’t feel like working out on Wednesday because it’s raining and my show has a new season on Netflix? Cool. I made a plan to move today and I am going to be disciplined and do it. You aren’t always going to be motivated but you can teach yourself to be disciplined. 

You aren’t always going to be motivated but you can teach yourself to be disciplined.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

You are the catalyst of change in your life.

While I slipped up from time to time, these strategies truly supported me in being a disciplined, productive person. I will add that there were days in which I was exhausted and although I had it in my schedule to work out, I listened to my body. Remember that while it is important to be disciplined and get a routine, it is equally important to be intuitive to your mental and physical needs. If that means resting, then rest, if that means moving, then move. You are the catalyst of change in your life.

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