Career-less at 30: 3 Things I Don’t Regret

January 29, 2020 Sofia McKinney No Comments

This afternoon I was working at one of my three jobs. Special Education teacher today. A student asked me what I do when I’m not teaching. If you’ve ever worked in education or with children, then you know they have a never ending curiosity about their teacher’s lives outside of school. I told her when I am not at school I am a Realtor. She immediately responded, “If you’re a real estate agent then why are you teaching?” Without any hesitation or thought I hear myself saying, “Because I love you guys.” 

“Because I love you guys.” It was the simple truth. I am teaching because I love my students. I am also a Realtor because I love houses and helping people create their home. I am creating Womanalia because I love to write and connect with people. 

Despite the love I have for each of my jobs, I have been harboring this sense of directionless. I am almost 30 and I don’t have a career. I don’t have a job that I have worked my way up for the last 5 years. And yet, after the simplest conversation with a 17-year-old, I realized what I am doing is exactly what I want

In ditching the old pick a path and stick with it until you die mentality, I discovered 3 regrets that I don’t have as I build my own professional life, my way:

  1. The opportunity to honor each passion

This fall I decided I wanted to become a Realtor. I completed all the steps and ta-da! Realtor I am. However, I also accepted a teaching position. Here I am, Realtor and teacher, and wait, Womanlia co-founder. While I am overwhelmed, I am also fulfilled. Each of my passions are being honored. 

We are all dynamic, multi-faceted people. Taking the time to determine what your passions are is important. This doesn’t necessarily mean make all of them your job! However, learning how to include them in your day-to-day life will bring an incredible sense of satisfaction.

We are all dynamic, multi-faceted people. Taking the time to determine what your passions are is important.

  1. Opening up paths for building generational wealth

If you’re the average 9-5 professional, building wealth is a struggle. My goals are not astronomical, I want to own my own home, take 2-3 international trips per year, pay off my student loans, and have a decent savings. However, making all of this happen with the average salary is impossible.

My solution: side hustles! What can you create for yourself that will allow you to live the life you want to live? Hopefully, you are able to utilize your passion to build a path towards reaching your financial goals.

  1. Failing through not trying

Most of my early 20’s was spent starting something new with extreme excitement, being confronted with something I don’t know how to do, and then fizzling out due to fear of failure. I would rather have not done anything ever then to fail.

What I learned is that I was failing. I was failing simply by doing nothing. Now when I feel that fear of failure creeping in, I simply start. If I fail, I start again. It’s hard but doing something is always better than doing nothing. How are you going to get started?

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