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February 6, 2020 Timaree Joe No Comments

Pinterest is my new best friend. My sister Sofia, is an avid Pinterest-er and has been exalting the site for years now. I can easily see how one could waste away hours exploring the enigma that is Pinterest.

But today, I feel especially happy because one of my new favorite things to do on Pinterest is discovering artists and illustrators.

Today’s find is artist and illustrator known professionally as, “Partes.” Based in Paloma, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Partes focuses on body positivity and wellness.

Her work makes me feel especially sentimental as Brazil has always been a part of my family’s collective imagination. My grandfather worked for the foreign service and was stationed in Brazil for several years during the 1960s. My mother spent much of her childhood there and was always filling our heads with stories that seemed as magical and fantastical as you might guess (including a cat riding spider monkey named Aurelio).

My mother also learned Portuguese there (and lived in Portugal for some time later in her life as well). One of the traditions in our family is to sing, “happy birthday” in all of the languages of the places we have lived. It makes for quite a celebratory event and requires strong lungs. I knew how to sing “happy birthday” in Portuguese before I learned how to read.

My grandfather and his young family left Brazil to return to Oregon and some time after, he began his career as a professor of art and professional artist.

In his younger years, he worked mostly on large canvases in oil. He was unfortunately, plagued by rheumatoid arthritis and from my youth he walked with a cane. His disability actually inspired his transition to watercolor (his primary medium) as he needed to be able to sit while painting as he slowly lost the use of his legs and ability to walk.

My Grandfather

You will notice that Partes’ body positivity includes images of “handi-capable” individuals (as my grandfather called himself), and represents her own image and experiences. You might also notice, the imagery of famous artist Frida Kahlo who, due to an accident in her youth, eventually suffered greatly and as my grandfather used to also lament, endured a body that betrayed her before she was ready to stop working.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. I particularly love seeing how the artist’s style has changed and evolved over time as she explores womanhood.

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see for yourself

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Which is your favorite piece?

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