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February 10, 2020 Jocelyn Bright No Comments

Can you tell us a little about where you grew up? Where are you from? What was your childhood like, etc.?

Where are you from has always been an uncomfortable question for me as I’m an army brat. My quick answer is usually, “I live in New York now.” The long answer is, I spent most of my life switching schools, houses, and countries so home has never felt like one immovable place.

What’s something from your youth (positive or negative) that you feel has deeply impacted or shaped you today?

Having a more or less transient upbringing has completely shaped who I am today. There are upsides and downs to everything. I feel like I’m more adaptable than most and find change to be more soothing than chaotic. A major drawback is that I still have to constantly fight the itch to pack my bags and move onto something different.

What do you like to do for fun or in your spare time?

My major hobby is intrinsically linked to my work, and that is reading. I’ve found over the years though that also having something to occupy my body does wonders for my happiness and mental wellbeing. I fell in love with yoga just after graduating college and that’s been something I turn to to keep me balanced.

Do you hold down a day-job or other side hustles? Would you like to share?

Last year I started working full time at an independent bookstore. Bookselling is just as exciting as I thought it would be. My favorite moments are always getting to match up a reader with a book that (hopefully!) fits what they’re looking for.

Coffee or tea?

Both, but tea over coffee. I will drink most teas, but can’t stand coffee without an excessive amount of sugar. I blame my Cuban grandfather’s influence.

What is your favorite thing to write about or discuss and why?

Books! (I’m starting to think this is getting repetitive, but I love what I love.) I don’t fancy myself much of a writer, but I will take any avenue available to me to push a new book on someone.

What advice or sentiments would you share with women younger than you?

You’re gonna mess up, and it’s gonna suck, and both of those can be okay.

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Besides lending her voice to Womanalia, Jocelyn manages her own YouTube channel at “Yogi With a Book.”

Be sure to check her out on her other platforms (Instagram and Twitter) @joceraptor, and you can get a glimpse of what she does with this amazing author interview she did recently with Nina Moreno.

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