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Can you tell us a little about where you grew up? Where are you from? What was your childhood like, etc.?

Having a dad in the Army, I grew up across the US mainland, Hawaii and Germany. Being an Army brat creates a special childhood, I met so many different types of people. Because of this exposure and these experiences, I can adapt to changes rapidly and I have the skills to communicate and get along with anyone. My childhood was fun and carefree until social anxiety and depression took over around age 13. I started antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicine to help with the mental illness but unfortunately, I struggled to find the right prescription medication. It took until age 27 for me to find something that was effective: CBD and Cannabis.

What’s something from your youth (positive or negative) that you feel has deeply impacted or shaped you today?

My 14 year battle with mental illness has definitely shaped who I am as a person today, mostly in positive ways but some negative as well. I feel that no one completely “escapes” their childhood.

What do you like to do for fun or in your spare time?

True Crime is my guilty pleasure. My personality types (INFJ) are typically very sensitive and selective about what they give their energy to and what they watch and listen to. I typically am too but for whatever reason, when it comes to True Crime, I don’t feel the need to protect myself from it. True crime is absolutely fascinating to me. I do also enjoy “normal” things like going to the beach and reading.

Do you hold down a day-job or other side hustles?

Fibromyalgia makes mundane things like taking a shower difficult so I do find it hard to work full-time but I am doing the best I can! I am a registered behavioral therapist which means I work with children who have autism. My job is the most amazing thing! Obviously it is a very time consuming and demanding job but also the most rewarding.

Coffee or tea?

Tea of course (peppermint)!

What is your favorite thing to write about/discuss and why?

I like to write about emotions, feelings and taboo things people don’t often want to discuss or shy away from. I like to talk about them because it helps me process life. Talking about depression and anxiety makes me feel less alone. Like I have a voice. In my experience, people only want to small talk or talk about things that are happy. I am exactly the opposite, I feel like I can connect with someone more if we are talking about things like religion, mental illness, gender identity, sexuality etc.

What made you decide to join the Womanalia team?

Fear. I was terrified, I’ve never done anything like this before. Yes, I write, but privately. I joined the team because I was scared and wanted to push myself. Enjoying the ride thus far!

What difference do you hope to make by doing this?

I hope that I can make others who are also suffering to feel less alone. While I was depressed and anxious, I literally thought that I was alone in my struggle, that no one knew what I was going through or could possibly understand. I was wrong. The truth is that people just aren’t as open to talking about it like I am. I want to be the voice I needed to hear.

What’s something you struggle to write about or find difficult to talk about and why?

I find it difficult to talk about topics I don’t have a lot of personal experience with. I also have a hard time talking about rape. Although I have never been abused, I am triggered by it. Which may push me to write an article on it in the future.

What advice or sentiments would you share with women younger than you?

Take your time, trust the process. The people around you, are on their own journey, so you should focus on yours. Also, never compare yourself to others!

What makes you feel powerful? Powerless?

Twerking makes me feel powerful, also doing my job well makes me feel strong. I feel powerless when someone is being hurt or mistreated around me and I can’t control the situation. Control is another issue I have to work on gradually.

What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

Honestly, the only thing I want to achieve in 5 years is consistent happiness!

What does “having it all” mean or bring to mind for you?

Having it all to me means working a job I enjoy while making enough money to support myself in Hawaii. It also means having good friends, love and coping tools to help through the hard times. Happiness is key!

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You can find Nautia learning, growing, and sharing with love and authenticity here on Womanalia and also connect with her on Instagram @nautiasymonne!

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