“Do allow yourself some grace when your best self isn’t always there, and give yourself permission to be who you wish to become.”

-Jon Lange

Why Womanalia

Timaree and Sofia created Womanalia to provide a space for all women to share and grow together. They want to start a conversation about what it means to be a woman in today’s society, united by the experience of womanhood. Frustrated with what they felt was a lack of authentic spaces for women today, they set out to create an opportunity to explore what matters to women.

Originally from Portland, OR Timaree and Sofia had in some ways a very ordinary upbringing and in other ways, very extraordinary. Together, they have lived in different parts of the US including California, Texas, and Hawaii as well as Chile, Italy, Japan, Iceland, and Germany. They graduated from an American high school in Germany and each returned back to the US to pursue post-secondary degrees at a small college in southern Oregon.

By creating Womanalia, Timaree and Sofia strive to better understand themselves and who they want to be in this life. They want to redefine what it means to “have it all.”

You can read more about who they are and their individual stories below. They are excited to share their journey and connect with you to redefine modern womanhood!


Meet timaree

Hello and Welcome!

I am a high school social studies teacher and mom of two. In my spare time…just kidding, what’s that? I like long walks and hiking through the forest. I also like laying in the sand and frolicking in the waves (I’m a Pisces) and my drink of choice is a lemon drop. I am also a real-life introvert.

Right now, I have taken some time off to stay home with my two sons. I am finishing a doctorate degree in educational leadership which basically means, I am an expert in creating learning activities and working with others to bring out the best in themselves. A big idea behind this work is looking at systems in our society that could function better and then creating programs to not just improve, but truly transform them.

For me, this started with the birth of my second child. I am a working professional, a mom, and a creator. Alas, however, I was utterly failing at balancing each of those roles. I needed to find a way to fulfill all aspects of who I am. I am also a woman in search of an author bio because we are so much more than what we do and although our actions define us, I think that our dreams can too. Womanalia is a way for me to create meaningful transformation in my life as well as those around me.

I want to explore all the messy bits of life; the systems that need some attention so that we can really dig deep into what matters to each of us. On this journey, I am also learning to slow down and appreciate that my destination is, as of yet, unknown. Womanalia represents the journey that we all undertake and an opportunity to grow through connection. Let’s get a little bit weird and see where we end up. Who knows, maybe together we will transform society.   

Meet Sofia

Nice to meet you!

I am many things and I will still be many more. I am currently a Special Education teacher, a Realtor, and co-founder of Womanalia. There are not many things I love more than a peppermint mocha, fantasy novels, movie marathons, and take-out with my partner and boxer dog.

December of 2018, I was leaving my first full time teaching job and my time on the Big Island of Hawai’i was abruptly ending. This was a shock because that move was our forever move. My partner, Ziggy the boxer, and I moved to Portland, OR. Since then, I have been a substitute teacher, a full-time teacher, and began my real estate business. Now, I am entering on the journey of Womanalia!

I have a deep love for literature, communication, and mental and physical health. Since elementary school, I had my heart set on becoming a psychiatrist…that didn’t happen! But I believe in my many roles I am now able to be anything I set my mind to. At heart, I am a helper of people. I seek to listen, learn, and communicate.

I hope to build and be a part of an amazing, powerful group of women through Womanalia. Let’s learn from each other, talk with each other, and create together!

Meet more of the women who make womanalia happen

Nautia Giles
Nautia Giles

Author Bio: Nautia is a polyamorous, pansexual,  agnostic 30 year old. She currently lives in Hawaii, but given her nomadic soul, that’s likely to change. Due to a 15 year battle with social anxiety and depression, her biggest passion in life is challenging others with taboo topics. For Nautia, that includes everything from mental illness to ethnicity, sexuality, religion, toxic positivity and body image. She never felt “people like her” had a voice, she never saw “people like her” on public platforms growing up. Well, that time is no longer, she’s here to show you that anyone can be, do or overcome anything, especially if there is open dialogue!

Cass Costa
Cass Costa

Author Bio: Cass Costa is a fiction writer of the weird. She seeks to explore reality through the supernatural. As part-writer, part-mama, and part-teacher, she finds time in this vibrant triad for novel writing, spooky campfire stories, and traveling to foggy shores. She delightfully defended her thesis “Milk & Magic and Other Stories” in August of 2019 and received an MFA in Creative Writing at OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon. 

What’s Important to Cass: compassion; the dualities of the Mother figure; the unknown; facing mortality; writing about women and mothers; travel and learning of other cultures; integrating the taboo; magic, ghosts, witches and all things mysterious; guilty-pleasure campfire-style stories; an ocean metaphor, exploring familial curses; changing the image of crone; translation of fact to fiction; grounding fantastical elements in body and setting; the tradition of oral storytelling in what can be gained, inferred and lost. 

Jocelyn Bright
Jocelyn Bright

Author Bio: Jocelyn is a third culture kid (TCK) who spent her formative years moving across continents. She currently lives in NYC, fulfilling her life’s purpose of shouting about books both for fun and for work. She reads across age ranges, but tends to stray towards speculative work with magical, mythological, or folkloric elements. She’s also a yoga teacher, cactus collector, and moody water sign. 

Raisa Puchalski
Raisa Puchalski

Author Bio: Raisa currently resides in Portland, OR where she works as a high school career counselor and running coach. Born in the Philippines, Raisa spent the first decade of her life living and traveling around Asia. Growing up multi-cultural has shaped many of her experiences, but especially her love for travel. She is a passionate advocate of her community and is dedicated to helping young people lead active, healthy lifestyles. On weekends, you will find Raisa on runs in Forest Park, spending time with loved ones, or planning her next travel adventure. 

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